Welcome to Goal to Coach

A place for new coaches to build their confidence, their skills, and their business.

A place for new coaches who want to become great coaches. 
It's a place to learn how to build a sustainable business, clarify your niche, develop your offers, determine your pricing, grow your confidence, and practice your skills so you can have a positive impact on your clients and create a career you love.

Let’s make sure Goal to Coach is the right place for you.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money investing in a coaching school and the education was great, but when it comes to building your business, you feel a little lost. You want to build something sustainable, but you're not sure how to do it. What you’d really like is a safe place to continue learning and practice your coaching.

And you’d like to learn how to build your business in a way that feels right for you

but you’re wondering, is that even possible?

Truthfully The Goal to Coach Community is what I needed after I graduated from coaching school. I didn’t start coaching people until two years after I graduated. I felt lost and didn’t know how to start. What I have found over the last six years of building my business is that when I am in a community with colleagues, mentors, and fellow coaches, everything gets easier and more fun.

The Goal to Coach Community is more than an online place to ask questions; it’s where you’ll receive monthly live education on the basics of creating your business. You’ll witness real coaching sessions and practice your own coaching with dedicated feedback. And you'll have Live Q&As to discuss best practices in coaching and business building.

And best of all, it's your community, so if there's something you want to experience, you can collaborate with group members to bring it to life!